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PI - Compressed Air Dryers - TX Series

Compressed Air Dryers - TX Series

Water is extremely harmful to compressed air systems!
Hot compressed air contains a large amount of water. In fact, at 75°F and 75% relative humidity, a typical 25 hp compressor will generate 6 gallons of water every 8 hours.
As the saturated air moves downstream, water vapor cools and condenses into liquid. As a liquid, water promotes rust and corrosion in piping, tools and product. Rust leads to air leaks and pressure drops. Maintenance and repair costs on pneumatic equipment increase, products can be ruined, and production time is lost. Kaeser's TX Series refrigerated dryers efficiently remove the harmful moisture by cooling the air and forcing moisture to condense. Once condensed, the water is removed from the system by a ...
PI - Refrigerated Air Dryers - Dual Control and Demand Manager Series

Refrigerated Air Dryers - Dual Control and Demand Manager Series

Dryer Sizing
To select a dryer for you application, first find the capacity correction factors that correspond to your compressed air pressure and temperature from Table 1 and the ambient air temperature or cooling water temperature from Table 2. Multiply the two factors together to find the overall capacity correction factor. Multiply a dryer's rated capacity by the overall capacity correction factor to determine the dryer's capacity at your operating conditions. Outlet dew point correction factors may be used when the required dewpoint is greater than 38°F.
PI - Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers - Secotec

Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers - Secotec™

Nominal flows for Secotec dryers are based on fully saturated air at 100 psig and 100°F, with ambient air temperature of 100°F. To correct the rated capacity of a Secotec dryer for actual conditions, find the capacity correction factor corresponding to inlet and ambient conditions. Multiply these factors to find your "overall" correction factor and multiply the dryer's rated capacity by the overall factor to determine the dryer's capacity at your operating conditions. Select the smallest dryer having enough capacity to meet your requirement.
PI - High Temperature Refrigerated Dryer

High Temperature Refrigerated Dryer

Dryer, Filter, and Drain in One Compact Package
Kaeser High Temperature Refrigerated Dryers (HTRD) are specifically designed for use with 5-25 hp piston compressors, although they will work well with any similar sized compressor producing high discharge temperatures. The HTRD contains an aftercooler, refrigeration unit, filtered separator and drain to remove moisture and contaminants to a level suitable for most shop tools. This greatly increases tool life, reducing maintenance and downtime, for paint spraying applications we strongly recommend also using a KOR model coalescing filter.
Easy to Install
The HTRD dryer features a compact design that requires little floor space and allows for convenient installation. ...