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Item # KAT 1800

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Kaeser's Activated carbon Towers (KAT) are single tower pressure vessels filled with activated carbon adsorbent, that virtually eliminates oil vapor in compressed air. Other hydrocarbon vapors normally absorbable by activated carbon are also removed.
KAT's are used where oil vapor and odor contaminate end products such as food and drugs, or when the odor makes the environment uncomfortable.
Activated carbon works by adsorbing contaminants onto the surface of its internal pores. This process continues until it is saturated. When this occurs, the spent activated carbon should be removed and replaced.

Easy Installation
The KAT only requires piping connection for complete installation. For best performance, the KAT should be installed after a refrigerated air dryer. Using a Kaeser coalescing oil removal filter as a prefilter will greatly extend the life of the carbon bed. A Kaeser particulate filter installed after the KAT will prevent carbon dust and other solid contaminants from going downstream and harming equipment.

Engineering Data
Maximum Inlet Flow Capacities Table 1 lists the maximum inlet flow capacity at 100 psig. To determine maxi mum inlet flows at inlet pressures other than 100 psig, multiply the maximum flow from Table 1 by the multiplier from Table 2 that corresponds to the KAT inlet pressure.

Tower Sizing
At an inlet oil vapor concentration of 0.1 ppm w/w, the adsorber tower has a life of 30,000 hours at rated flow conditions. This concentration corresponds to air saturated with typical mineral oil at 75°F and 100 psig.
At an inlet oil vapor concentration of 0.35 ppm w/w, the adsorber tower has a life of 8,800 hours at rated flow conditions. This concentration corresponds to air saturated with typical mineral oil of 100°F and 100 psig.

Specifications  · Standard Features



Product Family

Compressed Air Filters



Max. Flow at 100 psig

1800 scfm

Max. Working Pressure

180 psig


74 in.


36 in.


35 in.

Connection Size (Inlet/Outlet)

4 in.

Connection Type



741 lbs

Replacement Activated Carbon

358 lbs

Standard Features
  • Long life when facing high inlet oil vapor concentrations.
  • Removes oil vapor and the oily smell associated with compressed air.
  • Provides outlet oil vapor concentrations of less than 0.01 ppm w/w.
  • Carbon bed lasts in excess of 8,800 hours (at rated flow and 100°F inlet air saturated with oil vapor).
  • Tower design prevents bed movement and carbon degradation (dusting) at maximum flow.
  • Large beds ensure sufficient contact time to produce the rated (0.01 ppm w/w) oil vapor outlet concentration.
  • Separate fill and drain ports allow easy carbon replacement - no piping to disconnect.
  • ASME coded vessels (6" and larger).
  • Stainless steel support screens and flow diffusers prevent channeling.
  • Lifting lugs provide easy transport.


·  Inlet Pressure Correction Factors