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Item # 15HT12

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  1. Continuous Running Unloaders - For continuous running air compressors, unloader lets unit idle load-free until air supply drops to cut-in pressure; automatically lets unit idle again after high pressure limit is reached.
  2. Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Valves - Standard on all CA Series compressors. Lapped to optical flatness for high efficiency and extended wear.
  3. Large Intake Filter Silencers - For quiet operation.
  4. Deep Finned Cylinders And Heads - For cool operation.
  5. Cast Iron Cylinders - Precision bored for high performance and low oil carry-over.
  6. Rings - Long-life industrial design compression and oil control rings for maximum performance.
  7. Cast Iron High Tensile Strength Rods - With replaceable rod bearings and pin bushings. Machined to close tolerances for many years of service. Oil entrance ports are machined at the crankshaft journal and at the piston pin to allow the flow of fresh oil throughout the rod.
  8. Ductile Iron Crankshaft - Dynamically balanced, precision-machined, and ground. Assures extended running life for all internal bearings and wearing surfaces.
  9. Cast Iron Crankcase - For strength and durability.
  10. Balanced Flywheel - For smooth operation with high volume airflow to cool heads and cylinders.
  11. Large Main Roller Bearings - Precision fit to hold alignment of all rotating parts.
  12. Oil Sightglass - Conveniently located for reading of oil level in crankcase.

Specifications  · Standard Equipments



Product Family

Piston Air Compressors






Simplex Tank Mounted Electric


Two Stage


145 to 175 psi


15 hp

Tank Capacity

120 gal

No. of Cylinders


Flow Rate at 175 psig

45.0 cfm

Approx. Weight

1080 lbs


73 in.


30 in.


58 in.

Standard Equipments
  • Heavy duty cast iron construction
  • ASME air receiver built with heavy gauge steel
  • Vertical or horizontal mount
  • U.L. approved pressure switch
  • OSHA approved beltguard - totally enclosed
  • ASME approved safety relief valve
  • ASME approved discharge air service valve
  • Slow V-belt drive
  • Automatic start-stop control
  • Large metal intake filter- silencers
  • Manual condensate tank drain valve
  • Dial read-out pressure gauge indicator
  • Energy Efficient - low power consumption
  • Loadless starting


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