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Item # CQM-810A, Single stage - Pressure Lubricated Air Compressor

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Since 1854 we have dedicated ourselves to producing products of high quality from design through manufacture. We package our compressors with the operational dependability you desire.

Through superior engineering and attention to Detail our compressors are unmatched in terms of durability and performance. From our in-house professional engineering staff right on through our large distributor network, we are committed to supplying you with the very best in quality products.

We have earned the reputation in our industry of building the most rugged, industrial duty compressor you can buy. If you want a cast iron, pressure lubricated, low RPM compressor, visit your local Curtis dealer, and see for yourself the quality features that are built into each compressor package. You'll find a wide selection of styles and models from which to choose.

Specifications  · Optional Equipments  · Standard Features



Product Family

Piston Air Compressors


Masterline CR-25




Simplex Tank Mounted Electric


Single Stage


Pressure Lubricated


95 to 125 psi


7.5 hp

Tank Capacity

80 gal


860 rpm

No. of Cylinders


Flow Rate at 175 psig

24.8 cfm

Approx. Weight

605 lbs


36 in.


25 in.


76 in.

Optional Equipments
  • Heavy duty cast iron construction
  • ASME air receiver built with heavy gauge steel
  • Rugged NEMA designed electric motor
  • U.L. approved pressure switch
  • OSHA approved beltguard - totally enclosed
  • ASME approved safety relief valve
  • ASME approved discharge air service valve
  • Slow V-belt drive
  • Dynamically balanced drive pulleys
  • Large metal intake filter-silencers
  • Manual condensate tank drain valve
  • Dial read-out pressure gauge indicator
  • Energy efficient - low power consumption

Standard Features
  1. Intercooler Relief Valve - Prevents excessive pressure in the low pressure cylinder and intercooler, protecting pump and motor.
  2. Loadless Starting - With centrifugal, suction valve, or bleeder type unloader.
  3. Stainless Steel Disc And Spring Valve Assemblies - Largest in the industry, ground and lapped to optical flatness for quiet and efficient operation.
  4. Deep Finned Cylinders - Permit better cooling.
  5. Intercooler - Extra long with radiating fins located in the cyclone of air from the flywheel, providing maximum heat dissipation.
  6. Cast Iron High Pressure Pistons - For durability and long life.
  7. Balanced Flywheel - Provides effective air blast to cool compressor.
  8. Heavy Duty Cast Iron Connecting Rods - Heaviest in the industry with replaceable rod bearings and pin bushings.
  9. Cast Iron Crankcase - For strength and durability.
  10. Heavy Duty Ductile Iron Crankshaft - drilled oil flow ports.
  11. Oversized Tapered Main Roller Bearings - Adjustable to assure long life with less friction.
  12. Pressure Lubrication - drilled crankshaft and rods to all bearings, bushings, and wearing surfaces for extended pump life.


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