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Item # KAD 590

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Flow Capacities Maximum inlet flow capacities at various pressures:
To determine a dryer's inlet flow capacity at inlet pressures other than 100 psig, multiply the dryer's rated inlet flow (found in Table 1) by the multiplier from Table 2 that corresponds to the system pressure at the dryer inlet.
KAD Dew Point Options Meet ISO 8573.1 Air Quality Standards (Table 3)
Models KAD and KAD PS allow the user to select outlet pressure dew points corresponding to the four different ISO 8573.1 air quality classes.
KAD E models are preset to deliver the commonly used ISO 8573.1 Class 2 outlet pressure dew point.
Outlet flow capacities:
For dryers operating at less than maximum flow and using the Purge Economizer feature and/or operating at pressures other than 100 psig, contact factory for correct purge flow. -

KAD dryer inlet flow capacities are established in accordance with CAGI (Compressed Air and Gas Institute) Standard ADF-200: Inlet air pressure 100 psig, inlet air temperature 100°F, saturated



Product Family

Desiccant Dryers



Inlet Flow at 100 psig

590 scfm

Avg. Purge Rate at 100 psig

85 scfm

Max. Purge Rate at 100 psig

103 scfm

Avg. Outlet Air Flow Rate

505 scfm

Min. Outlet Air Flow Rate

487 scfm


52 in.


48 in.


101 in.


1473 lbs

Connection Size (Inlet/Outlet)

2 in.

Connection Type (Inlet/Outlet)


Filter Package Capacity

625 scfm

Total Replacement Desiccant

708 lbs

Max. Working Pressure

150 psig

Inlet Air Pressure

100 psig

Inlet Air Temperature

100 ºF

Other Options

Dew point monitor
High humidity alarm

NEMA 4 low ambient protection packages

NEMA 7 Explosion-proof electrical packages

Parallel piped pre-filters and after-filters

Stainless steel or copper pilot and instrument air tubing and fittings

Wall-mounted heatless desiccant air dryers


·  Inlet Pressure Correction Factor

·  More Info.


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