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Item # VTX-18, VTX Gun

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Specifications  · Superior Stain Solutions  · Spray Application Processes  · Smart Sealer Stratergies



Gun Family

HVLP / Pressure-Feed Guns

Superior Stain Solutions
Consistently achieving the desired colors from varied types of wood is no small accomplishment. It requires knowledge, skill and the best equipment available.

Stain is used to establish the undertone color of nearly every piece of professionally finished wood product - and therefore making the staining process the single most critical process for achieving uniform overall finish.

The Binks and DeVilbiss spray guns below have been painstakingly selected as your very best equipment available for achieving optimum results in all your spray staining applications.

Spray Application Processes
Atomization Technology Options
  • HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure)
    Through the use of high-volume, low-pressure atomization (at the air cap), this method delivers high transfer efficiency of fluid materials. HVLP has seen rapid popularity growth in recent years

    Advantages: This method sprays exceptionally well into recesses and cavities. It also complies with most air quality regulations. The "softer" spray pattern also improves transfer efficiency over Conventional Air Spray technology - and minimizes overspray
Fluid Delivery Options
  • Pressure-Feed
    This option (whether external or internal atomization uses an external pressure source (pressure tank, piston pump, or diaphragm pump) to force air and fluid from the spray gun nozzle. Air and fluid are then mixer] outside the nozzle.

    This method delivers higher volumes of fluids than Conventional Air Spray, and will spray a wider range of materials. It also enables independent control of air and fluid pressures.

Smart Sealer Stratergies
Sealers are used for sealing off areas on pieces of wood that are prone to soak up too much stain (like end grain). Failure to apply sealer at appropriate areas of pieces being sprayed can cause dark spots on the finished product.
Not all spray equipment is suitable for cost-efficient and top quality wood finishing. However, after decades of R&D, endless testing and engineering advancements, Binks and DeVilbiss guns and accessories clearly set the industry standards for excellence.
The equipment listed on this page has been designed, manufactured and field-tested to produce the highest quality finishes utilizing sealer applications.