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Item # TI 521

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Dryer Sizing
To select a dryer for you application, first find the capacity correction factors that correspond to your compressed air pressure and temperature from Table 1 and the ambient air temperature or cooling water temperature from Table 2. Multiply the two factors together to find the overall capacity correction factor. Multiply a dryer's rated capacity by the overall capacity correction factor to determine the dryer's capacity at your operating conditions. Outlet dew point correction factors may be used when the required dewpoint is greater than 38°F.



Product Family

Refrigerated Air Dryers


Dual Control


600 to 3000 scfm

Rated Capacity at 38°F

1750 scfm

Rated Capacity at 50°F

2275 scfm

Max. Working Pressure

232 psig

Nominal Refrigeration Horsepower


Input Power1

10.89 kW

Available Voltages

208-230V - 3 - 60Hz
380-420V - 3 - 50Hz

460V - 3 - 60Hz

575V - 3 - 60Hz

Connection Size (Inlet/Outlet)

6 in.

Connection Type



85 in.


59 in.


59 in.


1746 lbs (Water Cooled)
1940 lbs (Air Cooled)
1 Input kW at 35°F evaporator and 100°F ambient, 460/3/60 nominal voltage.


Correction Factor & Dryer Sizing
(PDF, 118KB)