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Item # TC36

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Nominal flows for Secotec dryers are based on fully saturated air at 100 psig and 100°F, with ambient air temperature of 100°F. To correct the rated capacity of a Secotec dryer for actual conditions, find the capacity correction factor corresponding to inlet and ambient conditions. Multiply these factors to find your "overall" correction factor and multiply the dryer's rated capacity by the overall factor to determine the dryer's capacity at your operating conditions. Select the smallest dryer having enough capacity to meet your requirement.

Specifications  · Convenient Features



Product Family

Refrigerated Air Dryers




20 to 885 cfm

Flow Rate at 100 psig

135 scfm

Pressure Drop

2.9 psid

Max. Working Pressure

230 psig

Power Rating

1.22 kW

Available Voltages

115V - 1 - 60Hz
230V - 1- 60Hz

Connection Size (Inlet/Outlet)

1 1/4 in.

Drain Connection Size

3/8 in.


40 in.


26 in.


32 in.


375 lbs

Ambient Temperature

40 to 110 ºF

Max. Inlet Temperature

130 ºF

Convenient Features
Dryer Construction
All components such as heat exchangers, refrigerant circuit, condensate separator, and drain are conveniently accessible when the side panels are removed. Service connections are provided at the suction and discharge lines to check the refrigerant circuit. The dryer construction and component arrangement minimize the floor space required for installation.
  1. Easy and Reliable Controls
    Control panel includes dew point indicator, on/off switch, and LED's indicating "power on" (active thermal storage) and "compressor on." LED's for "high dew point" are standard on models TE 91 and up and drain alarm LED is standard on TE 121 thru TF 251.
  2. Heat Exchangers
    Air-to-air and thermal storage-to-refrigerant heat exchangers are fitted with oversized copper tubing that provides low pressure drop. The smooth inner walls of the tubing also prevent fouling. Three-year warranty on heat exchangers. Two-year warranty on all other parts and labor.
  3. Thermal Storage
    Solid media acts as storage for efficient cooling and eliminates the possibility of leakage.
  4. Electronic Demand Drain
    Once condensate fills the collection chamber, a level sensor opens a diaphragm valve to drain the condensate. The valve then shuts before costly air can escape.
  5. Separator
    Highly efficient multistage, stainless steel separator uses centrifugal force and a stainless steel wire mesh to separate 99.9% of liquid water.


·  Various Correction Factors