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Item # SX 5T

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Maximum Reliability and Efficiency
For years, customers have depended on Kaeser for reliable equipment and com- plete compressed air system solutions. Their research and development team continues to produce industry-leading compressor technology to meet virtually any compressed air need. The new SX series rotary screw compressors are no exception.

These new 5 and 7.5 hp models combine Kaeser's optimized Sigma Profile™ single-stage airend, high-efficiency motors, heavy-duty construction and simple modern controls into a com- pressor built for years of reliable service. A new cabinet design and component layout reduce noise levels and footprint while offering easier access during preventive maintenance.

Manufactured in a rigorous quality control program, Kaeser products are made to provide years of reliable service in the widest range of applications.

Maintenance Friendly Design
The SX is designed to be easily maintained and serviced. Maintenance friendly features include:
• Full access to all service items from one side
• Drive belt needs no adjustments
• Cartridge style 4 micron inlet filter
• Quick fluid change without pumping
• Spin on 10 micron fluid filter
• Spin on separator element
• Quick release fittings, drain and fill ports on separator vessel
• Cleanable cooler filter mat
• Side panel windows to view fluid level and test

SX-T with Integral Dryer
SX "T" models have integral refrigerated dryers, featuring plate-type heat exchangers and moisture separator, with stainless steel construction for long life. The refrigerant is CFC-free R134a. The dryer is controlled through the Sigma Control Basic and requires no additional electrical hook-up.

Specifications  · Standard Features  · After-Sales Service  · Outstanding Sales Features



Product Family

Rotary Screw Compressors




12 to 21 cfm


125 to 217 psig

Capacity at Operating Pressure

12.7 cfm at 217 psig
17 cfm at 160 psig

21.2 cfm at 125 psig


5 hp


23 1/4 in.


36 in.


38 1/8 in.

Weight (w/tank)

419 lbs

Other Options

PC-based Sigma Control System
Programming Module

Tank mounting (see SX 5T)

Standard Features
  • A simple and reliable interface offers convenient pressure control and system monitoring with status displays and service indicators. Displays include discharge pressure and temperature, load and service hours as well as fault indicators.
  • Kaeser's power-saving, proprietary airend design delivers pressures up to 217 psig. Kaeser uses a newly designed airend for this SX series. It is precision-machined to close tolerances and optomized in size and profile to match the low airend speeds with their best specific performance, up to 20% less energy than comparable airends.
  • High-efficiency, totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) motors with Class F insulation are standard for long life in harsh environments. Tri-voltage 208-230/460 or 575 V, 3-phase, 60 Hz is standard. Other voltages are available. EPAct compliant. Magnetic Wye-Delta reduced voltage starters ensure low starting current and smooth acceleration.
  • Kaesar combines an over-sized cyclone separator vessel (ASME or CRN) with a convenient spin-on coalescing filter for superior fluid separation and exceptionally low carry-over (3 ppm or less). This results in less maintenance and better downstream air quality.
  • All units are filled with Kaeser Premium Fluid to cool, clean, and lubricate the airend. A thermostatically controlled combination valve ensures perfect fluid temperature regulation and incorporates a cooler by-pass and fluid filter. Main air and fluid lines are made of rigid pipe with flexible pipe connections. The 10 micron spin-on fluid filter extends fluid life and protects the airend.
  • Superior cabinet design reduces noise and footprint while offering easy access for service. A heavy-duty metal enclosure with a durable powder-coated finish keeps noise in but dirt and dust out. Thick sound insulation keeps noise levels as low as 62 dB(A), more than 10 dB(A) quieter than comparable units.
  • All maintenance items are accessible behind one easily removed locking panel. The fluid level indicator is visible through a conveniently placed window in the service side panel.
  • The double-flow cooling fan produces the cooling air flow for the drive motor on one side and the cooling air for the package on the other. The crescent-shaped fan blades help to futher reduce sound emissions. Air is drawn into separate cooling zones for the drive motor and coolers. This "split cooling" design eliminates pre-heating, increasing cooling efficiency without increasing power consumption. Cooler temperatures also promote longer lubricant and motor life. Cooling air is exhausted through a side port at the top of the cabinet. Ducting this air enables heat recovery for significant energy savings.

After-Sales Service
KAESER compressors are robust and durable, and require little maintenance. Our after-sales service is handled by a team of highly trained and skilled technicians. We also carry a full spare parts inventory. Both the quality of our after-sales service and our spare parts availability ensure trouble-free, continuous operation of your compressor units.

Outstanding Sales Features
  • Substantial energy savings thanks to KAESER's famous SIGMA profile.
  • Easy access to all components keeping maintenance costs down.
  • Simple installation: the compressors come completely piped and wired. There is no need for foundations.
  • Free air delivery automatically controlled by the air demand, resulting in more energy saving.
  • Operational safety through the "KAESER CONTROL": 6 warning lights, including 3 automatic shut-down functions.
  • Reliability and increased service life through the use of rigid pipes (no leakage) and sturdy components.
  • Spare parts availability guaranteed for at least 15 years.