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Item # SK 20 T

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Compressed Air System Design
Engineering expertise

Kaeser's team of engineers are always at your service to help design or optimize your compressed air system. With decades of experience in system design, special applications and energy audits, our entire team can meet your unique requirement.

Using specialized tools such as our Air Demand Analysis and Kaeser Energy Saving System we can provide an accurate assessment of your existing installation and use predictive models to demonstrate how proposed changes will improve your system performance.

Then, using a state-of-the-art CAD software, Kaeser can lay out the proposed system and produce traditional two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings. This is a huge benefit in project planning. It helps you visualize not only new equipment, but also how it will fit into the building along with existing equipment, piping, walls, vents, etc. This helps ensure smooth installation, good access for service and reliable operation.

Ease of Maintenance
Many features make our SK models easy to service, including:
  • Easy access from front
  • Automatic belt tensioning device
  • Quick fluid change system
  • Front panel window to view fluid level indicator
  • Spin-on 10 micron fluid filter
  • Cartridge style 4 micron inlet filter
  • Cleanable filter mat
Standard Units are air-cooled and sound proofed.

Specifications  · After-Sales Service  · Outstanding Sales Features



Product Family

Rotary Screw Compressors




40 to 78 cfm


80 to 217 psig

Capacity at Operating Pressure

48 cfm at 217 psig
65 cfm at 160 psig

78 cfm at 125 psig


20 hp


52 1/2 in.


27 3/4 in.


47 1/4 in.


840 lbs

Other Options

Five year warranty
PC-based Sigma Control System

Programming Module

Sigma Frequency Control (variable speed drive)

After-Sales Service
KAESER compressors are robust and durable, and require little maintenance. Our after-sales service is handled by a team of highly trained and skilled technicians. We also carry a full spare parts inventory. Both the quality of our after-sales service and our spare parts availability ensure trouble-free, continuous operation of your compressor units.

Outstanding Sales Features
  • Substantial energy savings thanks to KAESER's famous SIGMA profile.
  • Easy access to all components keeping maintenance costs down.
  • Simple installation: the compressors come completely piped and wired. There is no need for foundations.
  • Free air delivery automatically controlled by the air demand, resulting in more energy saving.
  • Operational safety through the "KAESER CONTROL": 6 warning lights, including 3 automatic shut-down functions.
  • Reliability and increased service life through the use of rigid pipes (no leakage) and sturdy components.
  • Spare parts availability guaranteed for at least 15 years.


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