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Clean Air Treatment Single Tower Desiccant Dryer

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Dry air
Kaeser's KDF series single tower desiccant air dryer significantly lowers compressed air dewpoints. With a simple flow-through design, the dryer economically produces atmospheric dew points as low as -45°F.
The KDF's modular design allows the user to easily install the required pre-filter. The KDF is ideally suited for point of use applications as found in automotive facilities and body shops.
The KDF is a very affordable and economical compressed air dryer that requires no electricity. The silica gel desiccant can be reused which reduces operating costs. Simply bake the silica gel in an oven for the prescribed time and temperature to regenerate the desiccant.
Compressed air enters the desiccant dryer housing and flows downward through the bed of silica gel desiccant. As the desiccant bed becomes saturated, the color of the desiccant change-out indicator changes from blue to white. In the bottom of the housing, the compressed air flows upwards through an integrated dust filter and into an outlet tube where it is moved out of the dryer housing.

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Item #

Flow at 100 psig

Connection Size (Inlet/Outlet)

Capacity at 100ºF Inlet Temperature

Dimensions (A x B)


KDF1 5 scfm 1/4 in. 2300 scfm 4.1 x 12.5 in. 13 lbs
KDF2 10 scfm 1/4 in. 4600 scfm 4.1 x 11.8 in. 15 lbs
KDF3 20 scfm 1/2 in. 11000 scfm 4.1 x 20 in. 19.5 lbs
KDF4 30 scfm 1/2 in. 13800 scfm 4.1 x 27.8 in. 22.5 lbs
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1