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Compressed Air Dryers - TX Series

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Water is extremely harmful to compressed air systems!
Hot compressed air contains a large amount of water. In fact, at 75°F and 75% relative humidity, a typical 25 hp compressor will generate 6 gallons of water every 8 hours.
As the saturated air moves downstream, water vapor cools and condenses into liquid. As a liquid, water promotes rust and corrosion in piping, tools and product. Rust leads to air leaks and pressure drops. Maintenance and repair costs on pneumatic equipment increase, products can be ruined, and production time is lost. Kaeser's TX Series refrigerated dryers efficiently remove the harmful moisture by cooling the air and forcing moisture to condense. Once condensed, the water is removed from the system by a separator and drain trap.

Efficient design
All Kaeser dryers are built for maximum efficiency, durability and reliability. Low pressure drops are achieved due to smooth copper heat exchangers.

Only carefully selected, high quality components are built into each dryer. The result is exceptional reliability. Advanced engineering has reduced the number of joints and components of the dryer thus lowering the potential for leaks and malfunctions.

High efficiency features, high reliability, and easy maintenance make the TX refrigerant dryer an exceptional value.

Instrumentation and Controls
  • Power cord with plug
  • Power on light

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TX 2 TX 250 psig 0.21 kW 3/8 in. 16 x 13 x 13 in. 64 lbs
TX 3 TX 250 psig 0.24 kW 3/8 in. 16 x 13 x 13 in. 69 lbs
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