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Screw Compressors - AS Series

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Compressed Air System Design
Engineering expertise

With decades of combined experience in compressed air systems and design, our entire team of qualified engineers is always at your service. For specialized systems or unique requirements, Kaeser's highly trained engineers provide expert applications assistance. From complex installations and challenging environments to facilities with limited space, Kaeser can design and lay out a system to meet the specified requirements for performance and reliability.

Using specialized tools such as our Power Cost Analysis and Air Demand Analysis, we can provide an accurate assessment of the existing installation as well as a contrasting view of the proposed system's performance.

Kaeser uses state-of-the-art CAD systems to lay out the proposed system and produce traditional two-dimensional drawings for project execution. Plus, a three dimensional, virtual walk-through tour of the proposed system allows the end user to see the complete installation. The virtual modeling allows all options to be considered. Variables such as distance, diameters, equipment order, location, accessories and connections can be reviewed and modified, if necessary, prior to installation.

Ease of Maintenance
Many features make our AS models easy to service, including:
  • Easy access from front
  • Automatic belt tensioning device
  • Quick fluid change system
  • Front panel window to view fluid level indicator
  • Spin-on 10 micron fluid filter
  • Cartridge style 4 micron inlet filter
  • Cleanable cooler filter

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Dimensions (L x W x H)


AS 20 59 to 124 cfm 80 to 217 psig 20 hp 44 1/2 x 32 5/8 x 47 3/4 in. 860 lbs
AS 25 59 to 124 cfm 80 to 217 psig 25 hp 44 1/2 x 32 5/8 x 47 3/4 in. 893 lbs
AS 30 59 to 124 cfm 80 to 217 psig 30 hp 44 1/2 x 32 5/8 x 47 3/4 in. 926 lbs
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1